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Rebuilding a Culture of Life, Family, and Freedom in Delaware, Rooted in Truth; Cultivating Leaders who will Stand for it.

"A Win is When Truth is Advanced." -Nicole Theis

This is how we advanced...

The devastating Roe v. Wade decision was finally overturned on June 24, 2022! 
For 49 years, so many have worked relentlessly, arguing in courts, passing laws, lobbying elected leaders, praying outside abortion clinics, working at Pregnancy Care Centers, offering a helping hand to women in need, and so much more. 
The battle is now squarely in each state. While many states have become safe for preborn children, Delaware isn’t one of them. 
It’s a fact that abortion activists occupy key positions of influence and control in Delaware, from our schools to the governor’s office and literally every position in between. The current reality is we are outnumbered, and abortion is protected and permitted through all 9 months of pregnancy in Delaware.
Abortion is a deep spiritual problem that needs a spiritual remedy, so we must continue to pray, speak out, and act with courage. Keep sharpening yourselves, educating others, and taking every opportunity to speak about the humanity of the preborn child.
2022 was filled with these opportunities

Fighting for Dignity, Standing with Courage


One of the most critical aspects of Christianity is the concept of Imago Dei, that every human being is made in the image of God and thus has inherent value. This is the basis for our constant fight to espouse the importance of human dignity. 

What started as a small 3 to 2 vote in the City of Seaford turned into a monumental gesture of commitment and courage for life and human dignity
Seaford’s Dignity Ordinance won the votes to require that all fetal remains from abortion within the Seaford city limits, regardless of age, stage, or development, be handled with dignity and not as medical waste. Human babies are just that – HUMAN. As such, their remains should be handled with dignity. This policy was modeled after an ordinance in Indiana.
Delaware’s pro-abortion Attorney General could not let this stand and sued the city of Seaford to overturn the new ordinance. While the members of the media piled on with opposition, hundreds of you stood with the Mayor and three city councilmen by donating to the legal defense. 
The Mayor did not waver as he stood on principle. He knew we had his back, and we did. Known for his kindness and respected for his convictions and work, Mayor Genshaw was overwhelmingly reelected into office this year. 

The Power of Presence, on the sidewalks of Life!

The effectiveness of sidewalk counselors is proven, but only when people are consistent, engaging in the right spirit, and trained. That’s what we supported in 2022! 
Jordan Warfel, author of Fetal Beauty and pro-life educator, facilitated DFPC sponsored training sessions for over 50 sidewalk counselors throughout the state. 
Motivated by love and conviction, these dedicated folks show up on abortion dayno matter the weather conditions. They earnestly pray from the sidewalks for the staff, for each woman who drives up, and for and with anyone who approaches. 
Their presence matters and begs the question by all who see them in action, “what are those people doing?” – creating opportunity for life-giving conversations. 

DE Unites for Life

We coordinated with expert witnesses to provide powerful testimony at the hearings for Senator Richardson’s pro-life bills. We informed and called hundreds of Delawareans into action, often with less than a week’s notice. 
The power of our presence in dark places was vividly seen and experienced in 2022. 
Our own team members, Nandi Randolph (DFPC Policy Analyst) and TJ Hanes (Communications), presented powerful testimonies in support of specific life bills introduced by Senator Bryant Richardson. Listen here:

Wins for The Rising Generation

This year, the sitting governor of our DE 8th Leadership Congress, Elias Coop-Gonzalez, won his district election as one of the youngest Delegates in West Virginia history! Elias started coming to our DE Leadership Congress when he was 16.
The 2023 Leadership Congress is happening July 12-14. Registration is now open.

Exposing the Agenda against the Family, Parental Rights

We Pushed Back on DE’s Dangerous HB400 & Represented Parents Nationally. HB 400 would have allowed children to receive abortion and gender transition services on their parents’ insurance, but without their parents’ knowledge!

Our Policy Analyst, Nandi Randolph, helped prepare the talking points for this interview with Tucker Carlson.

DFPC Hosted a Parental Rights Forum for over 300 Supporters, providing this fantastic resource and tool:

Joseph Backolm from the Center for Biblical Worldview was the keynote speaker, following an ADF legal briefing. The entire event was free and virtual thanks to our supporters. Hundreds have requested this resource.

Pastors and Christian Educators Briefing:
Equipping the Influencers

The Legislative Updates we provided were reviewed by thousands and continue to generate continual feedback by our readers.
The severe impact of the legislation being introduced in Delaware should cause every person of faith to wake up and engage, especially our leaders.
Hundreds joined us from all over the state to unite in worship and prayer as we discussed a path forward for Delaware. 
Our partner and attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Matt Sharp, provided a much needed understanding of the specific religious liberty threats Delaware is facing.  Allied attorneys came together for this event, a monumental first for us. 
Allied Pastors prayed boldly throughout the briefing. Many expressed to us in tears how they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during our time of worship and prayer.
Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of The FAMiLY Leader, our sister organization in Iowa, encouraged and challenged all of us to “think higher and go deeper.” 

The Mission Field of Government

We hosted a 2 day session for those feeling the call to run for elected office. The content and feedback were terrific! It was substantive, practical, and one of our most equipping sessions. We also have access to new training for school board members. Please email [email protected] for more information. 
The Church Ambassador Network (CAN) is our key strategic, God-directed focus going forward. This past year, the consistent, weekly praying and presence of the pastors in the Legislature was noticed and positively experienced  – the power of presence was again a significant theme of 2022. 
In July, CAN’s Assistant Director Rev. Morris Webster participated in the annual training forum in Iowa where we ran into a ministry partner, Dr. Tony Evans, who had just published his new book “Kingdom Politics.” 
We expect record setting opportunities to advance truth in 2023.
As Christians, we know that this world isn’t our home, but it is our assignment. God tells us in Jeremiah 29:7 to “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”
You and I were assigned by God to this time and place to seek the welfare of Delaware and America. We are here to be a blessing to our neighbors and fight back against the evil forces that are destroying lives.
We’re seeing Christians in Delaware rise up to meet the occasion, to push back the darkness, and take what Satan has meant for evil and use it for GOOD. 
This is the heart of Delaware Family Policy Council (DFPC). We are on the front lines of today’s biggest, most controversial cultural battles. It’s often an ugly business. Yet, we also get to be part of the solution. 
DFPC is in the Redemptive Business – we take what’s broken and work to make something better and new. But we can’t do it without God’s grace and your financial support. 
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