Tax funded Abortion Advances to the Senate

House Bill 110, taxpayer-funded abortion, passed the House, with 23 Democrats and the 3 New Castle County Republicans voting for it. It is now on its way to the Senate […]

The Comprehensive Sex Hearing

In the last month, there have been quite a few legislative breaks and a number of bills that we’re not actually following. Yesterday’s hearing, however, was a jolt back into […]

Pandemic vs. Constitution

Does a Pandemic Override the Constitution?”  No, it doesn’t. But, that’s what happened in 2020 when Gov. Carney denied pastors on 29 separate occasions their absolute religious freedoms. Does the […]

Where does it end?

House Bill 275, the bill to add pansexuality and asexuality as protected classes in Delaware Code, passed the Senate committee on May 22nd. It is now only two steps away […]

Pregnancy Centers Targeted

If there were any doubts before about the intentions behind SB 300, the bill that singles out Pregnancy Care Centers (PCCs) and dictates their signage, the committee hearing made the […]

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