Details for your arrival at the Courthouse:

  • Time: The hearing starts at 12:45. Plan to meet us at 12:15 on the lawn outside of the courthouse. No entry will be allowed into the courtroom after the hearing begins. We expect that the hearing will last for an hour.
  • Dress Code: Business Professional.
  • Only attorneys listed on the briefs may sit at counsel tables.
  • Be prepared to submit to a security check to enter the courtroom.
  • No outward display of emotion may be made during the argument. Anyone who creates a disturbance must leave the courtroom and may not return (Examples: chronic coughing, child crying, etc.)
  • No cameras, recording devices, or cell phones are allowed in the courtroom (except credentialed media representatives)
  • If the courtroom fills, there will be an overflow area outside. Bring an umbrella for shade, a lawn chair, and water and snacks. No food or drinks will be allowed inside the courtroom.

More Information Here

Remember when Governor Carney unconstitutionally restricted the rights of Delaware churches to gather, during 2020? They were forced to close while restaurants, liquor stores, and casinos remained opened.

Two Delaware pastors boldly sued Governor Carney, and now the case will be heard before the Delaware Supreme Court! 

The case will be heard at 12:45pm on Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Delaware Supreme Court in Dover.

We need Delaware pastors to come to the courthouse, to pray outside of the building or support the legal defense inside the courthouse. PLEASE, WE NEED A BAND OF BROTHERS TO COME STAND WITH THESE PASTORS

In 2020, the restrictions were eventually lifted after a letter signed by over 160 pastors reached the Governor and a federal lawsuit from Rev. Chris Bullock. However, the question remains: has the Governor retained the authority to restrict churches in the future? 

This lawsuit marks a pivotal moment for religious liberty in Delaware. The Delaware Constitution, from its inception in 1776, guarantees the freedom of religion in this state: “no power shall or ought to be vested in or assumed by any magistrate that shall in any case interfere with, or in any manner control the rights of conscience, in the free exercise of religious worship…”

We need Delaware Pastors to pray that the Supreme Court will overturn the lower court’s dismissal of this case, which will have significant implications on religious liberty in Delaware.

Read Rev. Bullock’s Federal case from 2020 and the current case (Hines & Landow v. Carney) here.

Hines & Landow v. Carney was initially filed in the Court of Chancery and rejected; read the opinion here.

The DE Superior Court granted Governor Carney’s motion to dismiss the case. Read the opinion here.

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