2022 Session in Review

This is a Legislative Update summary of what was sent to your inbox during the 2022 Legislative Session. The current status of each bill is also included. 
The Legislature ended the 2022 session on June 30th as they do every year. This was the second half of the two-year legislative session, meaning every bill that was not passed by June 30th is no longer alive. 
Though certain high alert bills we’ve discussed are no longer in play, it is more than plausible that the intentions behind such policies will come back in January at the start of the new session.
  • When Christians are not informed and/or not involved, the entire community is impacted. We engage in this process out of love for our neighbors. If you plan to remain in Delaware, then we urge you to engage in the legislative process, and amplify your voice by joining in it with others when it is time to take specific action.
  • We strongly encourage you to get to know your legislators and begin discussing these issues with them. Click here and look for the red box in the upper right corner to find out who your state Senator and Rep is, then add them to your contacts.

During the session, the legislative updates were broken up by topics. Each topic listed below will take you to the bills we covered regarding that issue. 

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