Issue Brief: Family Formation

Marriage & Family


Family Formation

Both marriage and the family unit have been under heavy attack in recent years. The Supreme Court changed the meaning of the marriage institution that was created by God and used since the beginning of human history. And now government intrusion is threatening parents’ rights across the country. 

This only solidifies our resolve to strengthen a culture of faith, marriage, and freedom.  In order for our civil society to flourish once again, we must have a clear understanding of what marriage and family are, and why they are vitally important to successful continuation of our culture, society and social order.


The origin and importance of marriage.

The very first institution God created was marriage. The union between man and woman was established before any form of civil government and even before the church. Not only is it the most intimate expression of a human relationship, but it is dynamic and beneficial even beyond the marital relationship itself. Marriage is what was intended to create families and children, and the family unit as a whole is the single most stabilizing factor of society as a whole.

Marriage is both religious and civil in nature, but at the core it is the intended and natural method for human reproduction. This is why natural marriage can only occur between a man and a woman, the only union capable of reproduction. True marriage reflects the differences between men and women as both complementary and necessary for successful child rearing.

Declining marriage numbers affect everyone.

Across the nation, our marriage rates are steadily declining. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to the decline, including marriages later in life, rejection of marriage altogether, and rising acceptance of cohabitation. Marital decline has a direct effect on societal stability, and can also increase the taxpayer’s burdens as children raised in single parent homes are more likely to have poverty, less likely to graduate high school, or more expected to obtain a criminal record. There are, of course, single parent families that beat the odds and are still able to provide loving and stable homes, but it is good public policy to encourage lasting marriages between a husband and wife.

Threats to the family.

Families are under attack on every side, and any looming threat to current and future families ought to be taken seriously. Not every threat is as clear as drug usage and opioid or alcohol addiction, but that does not make them any less real or harmful. Multiple factors in today’s society are all chipping away at the foundation of the marriage and family unit. 


Pornography usage, which is beginning earlier in life in current generations, disconnects sexual behavior from love, unrealistically objectifies women, and is a major threat to many marriages. The sexualization of our culture through entertainment, especially in forms like pornography, is from the same agenda that also pushes for the sexualization of children through comprehensive sex eduation. Comprehensive sex education steals the innocence of our children, threatening to cause future harm to their potential marriage partners as well. It also exposes children to explicit content without parental consent, thus threatening parental rights. Parents ought to have the right to the care, custody, and control of their child’s upbringing, regardless of the educational path that they choose for their child.

Talking Points

  • 01. God blessed the uniqueness between man and woman to come together to form the family unit.
  • 02. The family was instituted by God before the government or even the church.
  • 03. Family is the single most stabilizing factor in society.
  • 04. Threats to family come from multiple areas.


Biblical Points Against Abortion


God Is The Author Of Life

Every living thing on the earth has literally been made by God (Isaiah 42:5). Life is given not merely by actions of humans, but God is the giver of life (Job 12:10; 33:4). Our beginning is not dictated by our exit from the womb, but we are a life and formed by God even before that time. God acknowledges our life even while in the womb (Psalm 139:13-16; Jeremiah 1:5).



Humans Are Made In The Image Of God

As the only creature made in God’s direct image, we have inherent value (Genesis 1:26)-28). Rather than simply forming man with words as he did with all other living creatures, God took the time to not only form us with His hands, but to breathe directly into man (Genesis 2:7).  This value extends from conception to natural death.


God Hears The Cries Of Spilled Innocent Blood

As far back as Cain, God did not take the spilling of innocent blood lightly. The Lord heard the voice of Abel’s blood crying out to Him from the ground (Genesis 4:9-10). God expressed to Israel that they were not to “pass their children before Molech,” a form of child sacrifice (Leviticus 18:21). The Israelites did not have abortion as we do today, but still were killing their innocent children. Though the procedure may differ today, the horror of killing innocent children is still the same. Their blood cries out to God just as Abel’s did in the beginning.

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