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April 11th, 2024

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Did you hear about the WPATH files? Listen to these interviews with Michael Shellenberger as he exposes the transgender industry for what it is- sick, abusive, unscientific, and sadistic.

Men—and masculinity in general—are under attack. For society to succeed, we need strong men to lead, especially our families. Pick-up Owen Strachan's newest book HERE or at a monthly Lunch Briefing.

Biblical Instruction for a Free People

Being a biblical citizen requires a knowledge of biblical principles and how to apply them. Join a Biblical citizenship Class near you or online for FREE.

February Meeting/Resource Links:

Labeling Christians who vote their values as Christian Nationalists has been a ploy of the opposition for years. With the soon-to-be-released documentary “God and Country” igniting even further confusion, check out these resources to help you have confident conversations:

2023 Resources

December Meeting/Resource Links:

Watch George Barna explain how establishing a Biblical worldview in children is the hope of our nation.

November Meeting/Resource Links:

October Meeting/Resource Links:

George Barna’s presentation at the Pray Vote Stand Summit 2023.

Check out this talk by Tucker Carlson. It’s spot on and was given right in Delaware.

Os Guinness shares how our families are key to stopping America’s decline. 

Rosaria Butterfield explains five lies that are permeating our culture.

Check out Live Action’s latest satire video

Newest Update from George Barna

Hear Alisa Childers interview Jeff Meyers on how to protect your children from LGBTQ+ ideology

February Meeting/Resource Links:

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