Senate Bill 300 unconstitutionally targets pregnancy centers in DE in an effort to discredit their work and cause mistrust. It was released from the Senate Health and Social Services Committee and is scheduled to be heard on the Senate Floor.

Send in your comment today to defend our pregnancy care centers! Fill out this form using the talking points below to ask your Senator, Representative, and the committee to vote NO on SB 300.

Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill

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Talking Points:

Please vote NO on SB 300!

  • Pregnancy Care Centers provide amazing support and resources in your community at no taxpayer expense, yet SB 300 is being used to target them with an unconstitutional and unjustified regulation. Instead of targeting Pregnancy Care Centers, the state should be looking for ways to support their work.
  • SB 300 attempts to regulate the speech of Pregnancy Care Centers by compelling them to post a notice that is inapplicable, misleading, and unjustified. Laws such as SB 300 have been held unconstitutional. (NIFLA v. Becerra, 2018)  The State of DE should NOT be making this costly mistake.
  • Numerous Delaware bills have passed that remove much needed oversight, accountability, safety, and liability for those in the abortion industry. In contrast, SB 300 clearly targets Pregnancy Care Centers and those who face unplanned or unsupported pregnancies.  

Vote NO on SB300.

More About SB 300

Read the bill and see the bill sponsors here.

Senate Bill 300 requires pregnancy care centers (PCCs) to post a government-mandated notice that is inaccurate and misleading, and meant to discredit their services.

Several bills were introduced this year that would reduce medical regulation and accountability in other areas. DE lawmakers have also already removed liability from abortionists, including in cases where the mother dies during the procedure, and have allowed APRNs and physician assistants to perform chemical and surgical abortions.

In light of this, it is hypocritical to increase regulations on Delaware’s pregnancy centers, who have served women in unplanned and crisis pregnancies for decades.

The Supreme Court ruled in the 2018 case NIFLA v. Becerra that a similar law passed in California was an unconstitutional free speech violation.

SB 300 is unnecessary, unconstitutional, and an effort to advance a pro-abortion agenda at the community’s expense.

Planned Parenthood lies to women.

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Pregnancy Centers inform and help women.

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