Senate Bill 191 protects girls’ sports in Delaware.

When boys compete in girls’ sports, the competition can be over before it begins.

Boys and girls are equal in value, but different in design. SB 191 recognizes the real physical differences between men and women and protects women’s ability to have athletic success.

The Senate Education Committee will hear this bill on Wednesday, June 26th, at 12pm.

Use the talking points below to contact your legislator in <5 min.

Save Girl's Sports!

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Talking Points:

Please vote YES on SB 191!

  • Biological males have scientifically proven physical advantages over women.
    • Males have stronger hearts, larger bones, and greater endurance than females.
    • Biological males produce testosterone from in the womb, creating biological advantages that cannot be overcome simply by hormone therapy.
  • Females deserve to have their privacy, safety, and dignity protected by ensuring that they have access to female-only spaces.
  • Allowing males in female sports would reverse the hard-fought gains women have made to protect their rights to equal athletic opportunities.

Allowing males in female sports is unsafe and unfair for women. Please protect our female athletes and release SB 191 from committee.


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