Ask the Senate Committee Members to Vote NO on SBXX!

ACTION ALERTSBxx would force all Delaware Tax Payers to FULLY FUND any abortions, at any stage, through Insurance!

This means all in-state abortions will be provided on demand — FULLY funded by your tax dollars!

Contact the (Senators) on the (xx) Committee today and use our talking points on the link below to ask them not to release SBxx from committee.

Use These Talking Points in Your Message:

This is an in-your-face, clear affront to the many Delawareans who stand on the conviction that all people deserve the right to life. After you send in your comment to the committee, please share this alert with others in your circle. Let’s aim for 5,000 comments!

1. SBxx forces insurance companies to fully fund abortions. The bill prevents insurance companies from even requiring a co-pay, deductibles, or any other cost sharing methods.

This is nothing short of demanding full participation in the murder of the preborn.

2. SBxx has no meaningful religious exemptions. This bill applies to all in-state insurance companies – whether public or private – with no exemptions for religious convictions (line 18). Religious exemptions are strictly limited to church employers (lines 46-49), and only for “bona fide,” or genuine, religious beliefs and practices (lines 59-66). The question is: who determines what’s “bona fide”?

Even the limited protection offered only to churches stands on extremely shaky terms. 

3. SBxx is meant to increase elective abortions. If the intent of this bill was to provide for life-threatening situations for the mother, such as ectopic pregnancies, that would have been included in the bill’s definitions. Instead, the bill clearly targets abortions from “intrauterine” pregnancies – it doesn’t even cover emergencies (lines 33-35).

Despite what the abortion lobby may claim, the desire is not for the protection of the mother, but for the death of the baby. 

4. SBxx covers abortions for minors. This bill covers spouses and dependents, with no age limits (lines 23-24). Consider this – a bill that failed last year would have prevented insurance companies from notifying parents if their children used that insurance for “sensitive services” – including abortions. If that bill passes this year, SBxx would give minors easy access to abortions at any stage, without parental knowledge.


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