What You Need to Know:

The following summary are bills we’ve highlighted that are specific to our focus, expertise, and interests, or made it to our watch list. To view the actual bill language or see who is sponsoring it, the bill title is linked for your convenience.  Green means we support the bill, red means we oppose it, and those with no official stance are simply in blue.

The bills are listed in numerical order. 

Bill statuses will either be listed as passed, signed, defeated, or expired. A bill that was defeated was voted down during session. A bill that expired was not voted down necessarily, but is now dead because the session is over.  it.

Limited Government

Bill Status: PASSED

Creating a “national bank” for any reason has more problematic implications than we can explain in one email.  It expands government – Government without proper limits is NEVER a good thing

To clarify, SR 25 expresses Delaware’s support for the Congressional bill HR 3339, which would create a national bank to finance infrastructure projects.

Bill Status: EXPIRED

Governor Carney declared a state of emergency on March 12, 2020. This declaration, which was initially a two week period, has extended to many months, causing both emotional and financial struggle within our state. This bill led by Rep. Rich Collins seeks to limit a Governor’s state of emergency declaration to 30 days, and to require Legislative approval to extend it.  

Bill Status: EXPIRED

We all experienced firsthand the overreach of power during COVID. Next month will be two years from the initial “two weeks to stop the spread” claim. By preventing the governor from instituting mask mandates when vaccines are widely available, HB 247 is a step towards clarifying and limiting government power during pandemics.

Bill Status: SIGNED

Current law requires extended living facilities to offer annual flu vaccinations to their employees. SB 253 removes the clause that prevented these facilities from making vaccination status a requirement for employment.

The question to ask is, what will this mean if it is applied to other vaccines, such as the COVID vaccine? What does this bill demonstrate about the legislature’s position towards vaccine mandates? 

Bill Status: PASSED

HB 302 criminalizes the forging of vaccine documents. Forging documents like checks and contracts is not a new crime.

The question is, why are vaccine documents considered important enough to be added to this list? Why would vaccination status be assigned such value that people would feel the need to forge records for it? 

Bill Status: EXPIRED

We all want children protected and cared for. 

HB 317 creates a new healthcare program specifically for minors ineligible for medicaid or federally funded programs, which require citizenship or legal residency. It covers every child in Delaware for medical, dental, hospital, and prescription drugs effective January 2023.

This bill is a result of the Biden Administrations open borders and the influx of illegal, undocumented immigrants now in Delaware. 

Bill Status: PASSED

The last day of session, June 30th, is always the longest. On that day, session is allowed to go on until the schedule has been cleared, which most often lasts into the next morning. At midnight, there is a pause and “special session” begins in order to complete the remaining bills.

This past year, legislation was passed that would require session to end at midnight. HB 411 now limits that last day even further to 5pm. This limit will address some of the problems we’ve encountered in previous years, such as legislation being rammed through simply because legislators and staff are exhausted.

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