Thank you for attending and supporting Summit 2023! 

Leaders came from all over Delaware to worship together, and be equipped and motivated to lead with courage. 

Scroll down to see the recordings of the Summit presentations.

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Meeting Schedule

To RSVP for a luncheon, please text “RSVP” and your name to (302) 296-8698, or email

Biblical, effective, and courageous leaders are cultivated. It takes intentionality to invest in future leaders, to train them how to stand on the truth with conviction, and to call them to lead with courage and integrity.

The partnership between Delaware Leadership Congress and Patriot Academy allows us to provide high-quality training to young aspiring leaders, ages 16-25. Using the legislative process as a backdrop, this three-day training program equips young people to lead in any arena.

The 2024 Leadership Congress will be July 10-12th. Consider sponsoring a student today.

The mission of the Church Ambassador Network is to inspire the Church to engage the mission field of government for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. We accomplish this by connecting the shepherds of God’s Church (pastors) to the leaders in government, God’s “ministers for our good” (Rom. 13:4).

We recognize the profound opportunity that you as Pastors have to lead people through this time of crisis. 


Virginia Prodan

Indya Rennie

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