Expose the hypocrisy - push back on DE's abortion agenda!

For several years, legislators have been steadily removing accountability from the abortion industry. Multiple times, they even refused to ensure that women considering abortion have the option to see their ultrasound and hear their baby’s heartbeat.

The same legislators supported a bill to force pregnancy centers to post misleading signs about their services. They refuse to hold the abortion industry accountable, and yet increase regulations on our pregnancy centers!

Your support allows us to:

  1. Coordinate expert testimony in committee hearings to advance truth!
  2. Prepare those willing to testify
  3. Assist allied legislators
  4. Mobilize widespread grassroots support for our pregnancy care centers
  5. Help pregnancy care center directors plan for the lawsuit against SB 300

Your gift today will allow us to continue this fight.

Senate Bill 300 is scheduled to be heard on the House floor at any time. Listen to the previous committee hearings and Senate floor session here. If you know the issue, you too will hear the doublespeak and realtime manipulation of words.
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