Make the Pledge

to Protect Delaware Kids & Support Delaware Parents


The main victims of the radical sexual ideology are children. The agenda is rooted in a Marxist ideology aimed at destroying and reseting every structure or norm that stands in its way. This ideology is aggressive and has invaded every sphere that shapes culture, especially education, media, and now even the medical field.

The radical Left views the nuclear family as an obstacle to the State’s control and power, positioning parents as the enemy of their child’s self autonomy. More than ever, parents must be aware, informed, and vigilant in protecting their children.

Parents have the God-given responsibility, and thus the right, to care for and raise their children. However, agents of the State, who are have received a Marxist influenced education and are now in the work force and taking positions of leadership, increasingly see parents as a threat and a danger to their children if parents are not operating within the Leftist (Marxist) ideology.

Calling All Parents! The rising generation desperately needs you to be aware, informed, and ready for action. You are the only barrier in the protection of your children. Rise Up!

Pledge now to be that barrier. DFPC is monitoring the policy threats on parental rights from state and local government so that we can quickly alert committed parents in Delaware to take action.

"I pledge to be informed. I commit to reading alerts from Delaware Family Policy Council to be aware of the policies being passed that will directly affect the rights of parents.

I pledge to inform others. I commit to sharing what I learn with other like-minded parents.

I pledge to be attentive and alert. I commit to watching and listening for actions that present a potential threat to parental rights and that are harmful to children, when I encounter them.

I pledge to take action. I commit to being involved and taking action where and when necessary - exposing wrongdoing, communicating with the appropriate policy makers, speaking out, or whatever action is necessary and appropriate to protect my children and the rest of the rising generation."


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