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We Believe... One person - well equipped and strategically placed - will take territory.

If you’re reading this right now…

I want you to know, you are not here by accident.

If you have been paying attention — you’ve probably seen what is happening:

…The Sexualization of children in our schools…

…The Massive increase in chemical abortions

…The Censorship of truth, the war on words…

…The role of the family undermined

…The rights of parents dismissed

…The Attacks on religious liberty

Growing totalitarianism

It’s happening all around us, and it’s rapidly accelerating.

“If you’re like me… and you’ve noticed the problem… and you’re ready to do something about it… then you’re in the right place!”

…15 years ago when I stood right where you are now…

I saw what was happening.

I didn’t know then what to do.

…But I did know (in my bones!) that I wanted to do something.

If you’re like me and you’ve noticed the problem… and you’re ready to do something about it… you’re in the right place!

Here’s the difference:

We have a plan, we know exactly what to do… and we have a place for you.


Our Strength is in the Network



Active Constituents in our Network Advancing Truth in Government & Legislation in Delaware.



Allied Officials, Pastors, School Administrators, Legislators, Local Government Officials, School Board Members and Educators Engaged in their Territory/Sphere of Influence. 



Partnered Congregations Actively Engaged and Committed to Influencing the Culture and their Elected Officials in all Levels of Government.

Join Us

We are on a mission to make abortion unthinkable in our state.

…Recognizing the inherent dignity of human life is foundational to a person’s worldview. 

…We must have the hard conversations, and share the truth about the evil, and violence of abortion.

It is up to us to continue to change hearts and minds, to recognize, affirm, and live by the fact that all people are created equal, endowed by their Creator with the right to life.


We equip individuals across the state to cultivate a culture of life. We advocate for life and the protection of the unborn in our state and local government.

We Provide:

  1. Expert testimony to lawmakers during committee hearings and floor sessions.
  2. Legal Briefings and policy analysis for legislators.
  3. Educational media to the public on the humanity of the unborn to influencing public opinion in favor of LIFE.
  4. Mobilization of citizens through our Action Network and delivering public comment to lawmakers.
  5. Nonstop advocacy for pro-family policies.
  6. Church Engagement through our Church Ambassador Network, helping pastors cultivate a culture of Life in their church and community.
  7. Mainstream media, local news, and Social Media engagement extending our reach to tens of thousands of Delawareans through media production, and television, radio, and media interviews.
  8. Strategic coordination throughout the state with the pro-life community and our allies in the Legislature.

- What Members Say -

- More From Our Members -

Patsy S. – Wilmington, DE

“Being a member of DFPC helps me learn about my elected officials and the kind of legislation that is affecting the state, especially having recently moved to Delaware. It’s an added blessing to know that DFPC as an organization is rooted in Godly principles and claims no political party. Being engaged in our community and culture is an imperative Kingdom mandate. DFPC is multi-faceted. I strongly recommend anyone who loves our state and nation, and our liberties to support DFPC.”

Janel H. – Seaford, DE

“I’m a member of DFPC because it’s critical to be informed of and to take action on current issues. I trust DFPC to provide the resources and help needed to engage on a variety of personal and political levels, to advance Truth, and for encouragement to trust in our ultimate source of hope. Keep up the good work!”

Lisa M. – Middletown, DE

“I believe DFPC is making a difference for Delaware. Our families are being destroyed and our rights are being stripped. DFPC is very informed about legislation being considered, and stands up for families against policies that will hurt Delawareans and their families. We have been members for years and recommend that everyone who cares about protecting families do all that they can to support Delaware Family Policy Council. “

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