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The following summary consists of bills we've highlighted that are specific to our focus, expertise, and interests, or made it to our watch list.

Green = We SUPPORT the bill Red = We OPPOSE the bill Blue = We have NO OFFICIAL Stance

 Bill statuses will be listed as follows: 


Bill Status: PASSED

Sanctity of Life Sunday fell on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this year — January 22nd. 2023 marks 50 years since the dreadful decision that has resulted in over 64 million lives lost. Thousands rallied at the March for Life in DC, while others gathered locally for prayer on the sidewalks near clinics.

Last year’s Supreme Court decision Dobbs v. Jackson sent the question of abortion back to the states.

Ignoring that decision, Delaware Democrats decided to memorialize the 50th anniversary of Roe and declare abortion as an “essential human right” in House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2. As a reminder, resolutions are not bills, but statements of what the legislature collectively values.

According to Democrat majority in the Legislature, preborn human babies deserve zero recognition or rights.

Bill Status: PASSED

While celebrating the ability to kill babies in one breath, the DE Legislature also decided to discuss maternal health.

This resolution touted “systemic racism and implicit bias” as reasons for disproportionately affected numbers of “black and brown women.” Such strong statements need to be substantiated. Not every correlation proves causation.

If the issue truly were about maternal health, then bills like SB 108 (2021) requiring that every mother be offered an ultrasound would have passed. And, legislation like HB 31 (2021), which removed criminal liability from an abortionist if the mother dies, would NOT have passed. End 👏🏾 of 👏🏾 discussion👏🏾.

Bill Status: PASSED

As a concurrent resolution, there is no actual “law” being passed, but merely a recognition of a joint value held by the Legislature. 

The most crucial line in this entire resolution – the reason it is marked green – says, “…children experiencing foster care are resilient and worthy of a life full of hopes and dreams…” 

Yes! ALL CHILDREN – from conception – regardless of their circumstances – are Image-bearers of their Creator, and their life ought to be celebrated.

Fostering, adopting, and rescuing the preborn from the atrocity of abortion are all ways that Christ-followers can affirm the value of life and bring gospel redemption to even broken situations. 

May our state remember this vote and the words in it.

Bill Status: SIGNED

HB 65 manipulates words in a way that sounds great and makes you question the reality of what it’s really about. This is gaslighting.

There is a war on words and truth!

HB 65 gives 5 days of bereavement to state employees after a miscarriage, a diagnosis that negatively impacts pregnancy, and yes, abortion.

No, the word abortion isn’t used in this bill. But it mentions “loss of pregnancy including termination regardless if medically necessary.” That, folks, is an elective abortion.

Planned Parenthood tells us that “the abortion pill is really safe and effective” and “serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are rare.”

If all this is true, why are progressive legislators now advocating for extra time off to mourn an abortion?

Here’s what’s really happening –  the Democrat majority plans to introduce a taxpayer funded abortion bill. This bill, HB 65, will allow for paid time off to allow women to access the taxpayer funded abortion as easily as possible.

Bill Status: In COMMITTEE

Be aware that HB 70 will eliminate the death penalty in Delaware. Delaware’s death penalty was for pre-meditated murder; those who murdered children, the elderly, pregnant women, and law enforcement officers; and other specific instances.

HB 70 would eliminate the death penalty for these crimes; life sentencing will still be permissible. As Christians, our Biblical worldview informs our positions on issues. HERE is a link from Prison Fellowship for your consideration on this issue.


We knew from the bills filed at the end of last session that the goal is for abortion to be as easy as possible to access, without any limits, and now… to make us pay for it. That’s right, FREE ABORTIONS. That’s what HB 110 does!

HB 110 would force Delaware taxpayers to fund abortion on demand through insurance. It removes cost-sharing requirements, which means that insurance will be required to fully cover the abortion. OB/GYN services aren’t even covered to this extent – the progressive Left is pushing insatiably for the death of our preborn!

Supporters of the bill claim that it is no more than an insurance bill, and not abortion. 

Here’s the thing – HB 110’s premise is that abortion is healthcare, and therefore taxpayers must fund it to achieve healthcare “equity.” (Whenever you see “equity,” think “socialism.”)

“Healthcare equity” is the reason this bill was proposed. 
Repeat this often; people need to hear it…

The hearing confirmed once again that abortion is the top priority for our Democrat-controlled legislature.

  1. Why are we funding the murder of the preborn, when not even childbirth is funded by the state?
  2. If Delaware is comfortable with forcing taxpayers to fund abortion – which is both “elective” and violates the conscience and convictions of many – what other procedures would our state require us to fund?

Whenever the issue of abortion is on the table, we must push firmly against the narrative with truth.

Bill Status: House READY LIST

HB 140’s sponsors are trying to legalize a cocktail of drugs to kill patients. Both Democrat and Republican legislators are wrestling with this idea of assisted suicide. NOW is the time for their constituents to take action!

Click HERE to listen to the points made at the hearing for HB 140.

Assisted suicide says that life is not inherently valuable. It says killing is compassionate and gives doctors the final say on which lives are worth living – which is why no disability groups support HB 140.

🌑 Right now, HB 140 says you have the “choice” to take your life when it is no longer worth living.

🌑 The sanitized view of suicide that HB 140 presents will change the ethos – the culture – of medical care in Delaware. It easily leads to people feeling pressured to end their life.

🌑 Once a governing body has the authority to decide if and when your life is not worth living, Pandora’s box of death is opened. It just keeps pushing the boundaries – exactly what we see happening in other countries.
“While the current laws in the USA specifically prevent voluntary euthanasia [doctors administering lethal drugs to patients], the “slippery slope” is real; and in every country where similar [assisted suicide] laws were challenged, the courts have ruled that voluntary euthanasia had to be allowed also. …”

Testimony of Neil S. Kaye, MD, DLFAPA
“Physicians are terrible at predicting death. At 6 months out, fewer than 33% of predictions end up being correct. HB 140 relies on the physician informing patients of their life expectancy. If we can’t do that with even a 50% accuracy (monkeys flipping quarters,) how can we be asked to help a patient decide to commit suicide instead of seeking additional treatment or compassionate palliative care?” 

—  Testimony of Neil S. Kaye, MD, DLFAPA

Suicide is not compassion!
The hearing exposed a misunderstanding regarding palliative care and assisted suicide. Palliative care is intended to alleviate pain and make the patient comfortable. The intent is not to kill, but to fulfill the medical duty to protect life.

Assisted suicide is not simply alleviating pain, it is causing certain death. This is not compassion, it’s assisting in suicide.
Suicide is not healthcare. Our medical system should focus on aid in living – not aid in dying.

“The myth that physicians can provide a speedy and pain free death needs to be confronted with the reality of the evidence. … We are trained to heal, not to harm, and certainly not to kill. The American “experiment” [with assisted suicide], begun in Oregon, and wrongly adopted by a minority of other states, shows that the average time to death is 2-3 hours, but has been as long as 140 hours. 10% of these people vomit up the drugs they took, 2% awaken from their comas, and 33% took 30 hours to die.” 

— Testimony of Neil S. Kaye, MD, DLFAPA

Bill Status: PASSED Senate

The National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) sponsors an annual celebration of “Week of the Young Child.” SCR 24 joins in with NAEYC to do so.

The resolution recognizes that the years from birth to 8 years are foundational in a child’s life for his or her success in school and later in life.

Yes, we should celebrate the “young child” and the great potential each holds. Let’s not ignore that the child’s value and potential extends all the way back to the moment of conception.

Bill Status: SIGNED

Several states participate in a federally funded initiative to give financial support to individuals who foster their relatives. Allowing children to be fostered by relatives provides them with a more comfortable foster care situation.

SJR 1 is a recommendation for Delaware to join the other states that are part of this federal program. 

Bill Status: SIGNED

A few months after the bill to provide bereavement for miscarriage and abortion, HB 65, passed the House, SB 61 was filed. 

Unlike HB 65, SB 61 focuses solely on school employees. It is also strictly a bill regarding actual bereavement. It expands and clarifies who qualifies as a family member eligible for bereavement leave, extends the amount of personal time off from 3 to 5 days, and prohibits the employer from asking the reason for leave, ensuring that denial is only for operational reasons. 

Bill Status: SIGNED

SB 81 says “if any action for wrongful death, punitive damages may be awarded only if it is found that the death was maliciously intended or was the result of reckless, willful or wanton misconduct.” 

We must ask, how would this apply to women who die because of the reckless conduct of an abortionist? HB 31 signed into law in 2021 prevented any such actions from being brought against an abortionist in the event of a woman’s death. Does SB 81 override this? 

It is also worth considering the many cases currently being brought by detransitioners, counting their doctors’ actions as ‘reckless, willful or wanton misconduct,’ especially as it relates to transitioning  a minor. Could a transitioned person who regretted their surgery to the point of suicide, or who died in the process of a botched surgery, have a legitimate case with SB 81? 

Ultimately, the definition of what is considered ‘reckless, willful or wanton misconduct’ in SB 81 will be defined by the court. 

Bill Status: In COMMITTEE 

Most people are familiar with advanced care directives and their role in the last days of many individuals. Essentially, if a patient decides ahead of time that they do not want to be resuscitated or issued any life-saving procedures, but to die of natural causes or whatever ailment they have, they are able to state such ahead of times and have medical professionals honor their wishes. 

An advanced care directive is not the same as assisted suicide or euthanasia that are forcefully ending the life prematurely through a deadly prescription dosage. It simply says, if a person is in the process of dying, that they would rather let the process happen naturally without additional intervention. 

SB 195 is to provide a more streamlined way of knowing what patients’ have an advanced care directive by creating a medical registry of sorts. This helps patients in the event that they are treated by a doctor or medical professional that is not their own for one reason or another. 

As basic as an advanced care directive sounds, there are concerns as to how proponents for assisted suicide may use the proposed methodology of an electronic advanced care directive to further propose the issue of assisted suicide. There is no mention of such a situation in this bill, but something to be aware of as a current law while watching the proposed laws regarding the issue. 

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