Protect our kids - halt the radical sexual ideology!

Already this year, several bills have been proposed that expose an agenda to impose a radical sexual ideology on our state. Children especially are directly affected.

Your gift today will allow us to continue mobilizing Delawareans to fight back against this radical sexual ideology.

Sexual Ideology in Delaware Legislation

The sexualization of our state demands that our children be fully immersed in knowing every detail of every sexual act, from young ages, in the name of “inclusion.”

Use the information below to be equipped to respond to this sexual agenda.

Where does it end?

The HB 275 hearing was intense. Absolutely anything goes when culture defines sexuality and sexual orientation.

Public libraries - a porn hub in the name of inclusion?

HB 230 is dead, but not over

After thousands of Delawareans took action, HB 230, the bill to make Delaware a sanctuary state for gender transition, has been removed.

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