Special Reservations for you.

The annual Summit is coming up fast on April 11th and we would love for you to be there! We are limited on seating for the networking lunch. However, 20 seats just opened and we would love for you to have one of them, with a friend.  

Reserve your spot now. 

Here’s why you should seriously consider attending: 

The Summit is where Christ Followers unite to learn what’s happening in Delaware and what to do about it. It’s where we come together in unity to learn, be equipped and encouraged, and leave with a plan. Based on its 15 year history, the Summit is where leaders meet, where great Kingdom connections are made and where truth is advanced! 

There are already 550 seats reserved for this event. Coming together in unity is really important because the challenges ahead are going to intensify, and we’re going to need a level of prayer, courage, faith, and unity like never before!

We must be anchored in truth with unshakeable faith.

We need to be intentional about discipleship and biblical worldview formation for ourselves and those around us, especially young Christ Followers.

Being anchored takes real intentionality – it takes a plan!

If you’re committed to impacting your unique sphere of influence with the Truth, the Summit is for you! We hope you’ll register today!

For faith, families, and freedom,


Nicole Theis
Delaware Family Policy Council

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