Composting Humans

There were a few bills this week that went through of interest, but I want to focus on two: HCR 79 and HS 1 for HB 162. HCR 79 is […]

They Voted AGAINST Saving Minors!

HB 265 had its first hearing in the House today. Sponsored by Rep. Mike Smith (R), HB 265 would require companies that distribute sexually explicit material online to obtain age […]

Week 2

This is Week 2 in the Legislative Session. Both chambers were closed Tuesday for inclement weather but reopened on Wednesday. Governor Carney’s State of the State address this afternoon has […]

First Day of Session

The first day back is usually a rather calm one filled mostly with pomp and circumstance. The first full female leadership duo, Speaker Valerie Longhurst and Majority Leader Melissa Minor-Brown […]

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