Faith and the Ballot

“What does God say about government?”
“How do I engage with family members who disagree with me?”
“How can I make any difference?”

To cut through the confusion, we must have a thorough framework for understanding what is true, the ability to recognize what is false, and the courage to lovingly and skillfully respond to that falsehood, as we ultimately point people to Jesus.

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Session 1: Biblical Worldview of Government

Dr. Roger Erdvig explains the biblical worldview “story,” and how the conflict that we see playing out in culture is a result of people operating from different “stories” or worldviews.

Session 2: Agenda Behind DE Legislation

Indya Rennie outlines the Marxism worldview and how it is applied in specific policies proposed in Delaware.

Session 3: Applying the Biblical Worldview Story at the Ballot Box

Register here to attend Session 3 of Faith and the Ballot at Lifehouse Church in Townsend, Delaware, Sept. 29th, from 6-7:30pm.

Faith and the Ballot Session 3

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