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The Comprehensive Sex Hearing

In the last month, there have been quite a few legislative breaks and a number of bills that we’re not actually following. Yesterday’s hearing, however, was a jolt back into the craziness that is Legislative Session.  The Senate Health and Social Services committee, chaired by Sen. Sarah McBride, started yesterday at 10am. Among the 5 bills heard, 3 of them were directly related to sex in some way. Here’s a quick recap of those bills:  HB 275 was the first bill to be heard and one we’ve mentioned to you in the past. It passed it’s House hearing and Floor Session, making its way to be heard in the Senate committee yesterday for the first time. This bill seeks to add the terms, ‘pansexual’ and ‘asexual’ to the Delaware Code among the list of sexual orientations.  With my comments in the House committee taken wildly out of context, this was an opportunity to both clarify the stated concern and make sure it was reiterated. The definition for sexual orientation has already been altered in DelCode over the years, the most recent change happening in 2022. The trend is to change as the acceptance and recognition of pop culture changes. If HB

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