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23-24 Session in Review

June 30th marked the end of the Legislative year and the last day of a two-year Legislative Session. It began with the chaos of protestors loudly chanting in the lobby, “free Palestine!” and calling for an Israeli ceasefire, while Senators stood at the doors to block entry. The day continued with all of the ideologies and worldviews we’ve seen all year heavily on display as bills passed and failed. Senator Richardson introduced a resolution for a task force that would study the breakdown of the nuclear family. The opposition from the Democrat legislators was immediate, and the resolution failed. It was a perfect representation of the worldview that is prevailing in government and education institutions. During the discussion for this resolution, Senator McBride commented that words matter and that we take cues from how the sponsor intends for those words to inform the mission of the legislation itself. To that point, we wholeheartedly agree! Words matter, the intent of bill sponsors matter, and the redefinition of words matter. As you read the bills below, notice the words that were redefined this Session. Notice the relentless attacks on the family and the dismissal of the value of life. Notice the bills that put us on high alert because of the known

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