Darkness in DE…and Hope

This past week, we witnessed an arrogant death agenda being advanced through Delaware’s legislative process – where one’s emotions were hailed as the defining basis for life and death decisions versus God’s design for life and human flourishing. 

In one week, our legislature advanced bills that would fund abortions with tax dollars (HB 110), allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs in assisted suicides (HB 140), and give the state more regulatory control over hospitals resulting in the framework for socialized healthcare (HB 350).

These same legislators will soon hear a bill on the house floor that would give doctors immunity for prescribing experimental drugs and mutilating surgeries for “gender transition” on children and vulnerable adults (HB 346).

Here is what these bills clearly tell us about legislators’ priorities:

  • HB 110: forces DE taxpayers to fund the killing of humans in the womb, prioritizing abortion over childbirth. When the sponsor emphasized that this bill is especially to give “poor, minority women” state-funding for abortion, she echoed the rhetoric of Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood. 
  • HB 140: prioritizes assisted suicide over pain management. Assisted suicide is always bad public policy and always threatens society’s most vulnerable, because it incentivizes the healthcare community to value profits over people. It also gives immunity to health professionals (and opportunistic others) for killing people. Think about the danger in allowing these death pills to be prescribed via a telehealth appointment!
  • HB 346: prioritizes the protection of providers who prescribe experimental drugs and perform mutilating surgeries on children and vulnerable adults. Many of these same legislators voted in 2017 to ban counselors from helping young people to embrace their biological sex. 

With this ideology being pushed onto our medical system, is it any wonder why there is deep concern about the state taking more regulatory control over the hospital budgets?

Unfortunately, things need to become dark for us to clearly see the consequences of rejecting what God makes clear in Scripture.

We are created in God’s image and have inherent value. Human life ought to be prioritized above money, convenience, or even “autonomy.” When the value of life is diminished, the most vulnerable–children–pay the worst price every time.

What can you do?

This week was a wake up call, especially for the churches in Delaware.

If our congregations don’t understand and discuss the importance of protecting human life, how can we expect better from the rest of society?

This week’s events also offer a beacon of hope. We have opportunity now more than ever to help people recognize the importance of standing firm on the value and inherent worth of human beings and God’s plan for humanity.

🌑 How will you change hearts and minds around you today? What conversations will you have with others at your church? Will you support your local pregnancy center? Minister to individuals at your local nursing homes? Advocate for your loved ones who may be approaching their final days?

It only takes one person, who is strategically placed, to take territory. We must commit to faithfully discipling our families and the communities around us. Imagine if each of us did that – what an impact that would have on our state!

When the church was first instituted, the pagan Roman culture was shocked at how the Christians valued the lives of even the most vulnerable among them – the widows, the orphans, the sick. Christians throughout history have been known for protecting innocent human life.

Our country was founded on the truth that “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator (not the State!) with certain inalienable rights, among these are life…”

What we’re seeing is rejection of our Founding principles in all our institutions and replaced with Marxist principles leading to a totalitarian form of government.

With your support, we are able to cast the vision for a church that is again known for valuing life and protecting the vulnerable, even when surrounded by an agenda of death.

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