Taxpayer Funded Abortion and Marxism in Committee

Two major bills are being heard in committee on Wednesday, April 16 at noon. This is the second step in the process for both bills. This hearing in Appropriations Committee will determine what funding is necessary for each bill.

The two bills may seem unrelated, but they are connected in a sinister way.

Bill No. 1: HB 350 – Government Takeover of Hospital Budgets

HB 350 creates a review board to monitor hospital budgets. The Governor, Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tempore will appoint individuals to this board.

This state-run board will control how hospitals manage their funds, severely penalize them for failing to follow the board’s regulations, and require them to limit what they charge for services as the board is being created.

In other words, an unaccountable, state-run board is taking control over both private and public hospitals in Delaware.

This is a prime example of government overreach. If the government can regulate our hospitals, it can regulate any other private entity.

Bill No. 2: HB 110 – Taxpayer Funded Abortion

HB 110 would require taxpayers to fund abortions in Delaware. 

Why do our legislators want Delawareans to fund abortions, which violate the conscience of many, when not even childbirth is funded by tax dollars?

Answer: “Healthcare Equity.”

HB 110’s sponsors believe that abortion – the murder of the preborn – is healthcare, and that everyone, particularly minorities and low-income women, deserve more access to destroying their offspring.

How are they connected?

Both bills stem from a Marxist framework.

Marxism motivates the state to control resources and private organizations – like hospitals – so that the state can decide the best way to distribute those resources.

HB 110 gives a clear picture of the worldview of these same individuals who want to control our hospitals. They believe that “equity” means giving everyone the equal ability to destroy their offspring. 

Marxism starts from the premise that there is no God, and no absolute standard for morality – therefore, right and wrong are determined by the state.

The state is then responsible for dividing society into groups based on their economic position, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. They determine which of these groups are “privileged” and which are “non-privileged.”

The state takes control of the institutions of society, and uses those institutions to take from those it considers to be privileged and give to those it considers to be non-privileged–victims.

Marxism can be subtle and sound benign – supporters describe it as though it is meant to help the marginalized. In reality, it has drastic consequences. In other countries, it has resulted in the deaths of millions. In our country, it is launching a full-scale attack on everything that produces a healthy society – including strong families and a clear sense of right and wrong.

God’s design is perfect for human flourishing. We must help our legislators, friends and neighbors understand that, and hold our policymakers accountable to the destruction that comes from rejecting God’s design.

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