2021 Unity Rally for Life: We Were Seen

Here’s what happened:

We prayed! 78% chance of rain and lightning GONE! Not only was the weather clear during the rally, we had a breeze- all while rain storms were happening around us! Thank you, God, for clearing the way so beautifully!

From the hundreds of you who came ready and willing to stand in the rain, to those who jumped in to volunteer, to our great speakers, and to those who gave towards the rally expenses, Thank You!
We’re grateful for all the Legislators who joined us for prayer and stood in unity with us FOR LIFE!

It’s true that destructive policies are being churned out daily, but it’s because of all the work that has been done INCREMENTALLY and intentionally for decades by the Left. 

It’s easy to deceive people who base truth on what they feel.
Here’s the thing- too often, when immediate “wins” don’t happen, people get discouraged, “go home,” and disengage. That thinking has to stop.
Standing for the dignity and value of LIFE has to be a relentless commitment.

Hundreds of us came together at the rally. Being SEEN, together, was a great encouragement to all who attended. 

“99% of accomplishing something is just showing up.” -Moira Sheridan, President, Delaware Right to Life (Speaker at the 2021 Pro-LIFE Unity Rally)

Keep watching for the rally video and photos! They’re GREAT!

Be resolved and unified with us!

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