Is it Really Over?!

If you’ve been reading anything from us for the last several months, been to one of our meetings or heard me speak, you will have heard us talk about the incredibly egregious bill HB 230. 

We have been hammering the dangers of HB 230 to you since it was filed at the end of the 2023 Session. This egregious bill would have made Delaware a number 1 destination for allowing minors to chemically castrate themselves. HB 230 would have made it possible and enticing for minors from other states to transition here, funded with taxpayer dollars. It would have prevented legal action against medical personnel who assisted in the permanent medical harm and castration of minors. All the while giving the government power to take custody over minors who are “unable to transition” to bypass parents and pay for the transition.

How terrible!

We acted as soon as we saw it filed, getting the word on the truth behind the bill. Over 1300 of you all used our system to submit your comment to your legislators! We got parents involved and the word out through radio, panels discussions, church bulletins, and working alongside other grassroot groups. We made a lot of noise! 

It looks like the noise has finally paid off and today, it was stricken! My jaw literally dropped when I heard it in the House Chamber today. Over 1300 used our system, many of you wrote in on your own or called.

Now that the bill is stricken, what’s next? 

As a stricken bill, it is officially dead for the session. HB 230, the bill number is dead, but HB 230 the idea is very much still alive. Rep. Neal’s aide has stated that an updated version of the bill will be filed next month. Because of the break next week, we’re looking at a potential committee hearing as early as April 16th-25th if she does in fact plan to file next month. 

We’re fully expecting it to come back with an intensity that it didn’t have this time. Be on the lookout for the call to action when it comes. For now, let’s revel in the victory of it being stricken and when it rears its ugly head again, we’ll need to be ready! 

Nandi Randolph

Policy Analyst

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