Where Does it End?

There was a hearing today to add “pansexuality” and “asexuality” to the language defining sexual orientations within Delaware Code. 

After explaining how those who identify as pansexual or asexual don’t currently feel represented, Rep. Morrison expressed what he considered to be the need for ensuring their feeling of inclusion. 

In my public comment, I brought up a very specific term, ‘Minor Attracted Person’ or ‘MAP.’ It is quite literally, exactly what it sounds like. It is a group of people that feel they are attracted to minors. This term is relatively new as there has been a movement in recent years to validate and legitimize their attraction as a sexual orientation

My comments were responded to with vitriol, stating the outrage that I would lump the LGBTQ community in as pedophiles. That is in no way the nature of my statement, however. Since I was not given the opportunity to defend the statement, let me be clear here. 

The concern with HB 275 is the fact that we are now adding yet another couple of sexualities to the definition. Is there a stopping point for adding to the definition or do we continue to move the needle with popular culture? Will the list some day look like, ‘heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, skoliosexual, minor attracted person, etc.’ 

After the hearing, Rep. Morrison could only say to me the fact that it was dangerous and harmful to lump the LGBTQ+ community in with pedophiles. The list of current sexual orientations doesn’t just include them though, so who else are we open to adding? And while we’re at it, can someone give a definitive answer for the ‘+’ means since it seems it’s open to interpretation and the consistent addition of sexual orientations? 

As those two questions still seem to remain unanswered, let’s be prayer for all that this conversation means. These orientations weren’t included 30+ years ago because there was no idea that they’d be validated enough to do so. It is not unfathomable that we will be having this discussion again for what doesn’t currently have full validation. 


Nandi Randolph

Policy Analyst

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