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When you decide to take action, IT MATTERS. Refuse to believe the lie that it doesn't. When you show up to support people who are taking a step of courage, it's like a fan to a flame that ignites courage when it's needed most.

Seaford Mayor David Genshaw introduced a fetal remains ordinance that was considered on Oct. 12, 2021. This was a big step of courage in the face of a behemoth of deception from the abortion industry.

The ordinance would require dignified treatment for the remains of babies aborted in city limits. It states that their bodies must be either cremated or interred like any other human body versus collected in containers and discarded as medical waste.

This ordinance was modeled after an Indiana law that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in a 7-2 vote. Three liberal justices were included in the majority opinion.

The ordinance also requires abortion facilities to present the mothers with a “disposition form” allowing them to decide how the remains will be handled.

As the City Council was considering the ordinance, the ACLU sent a threatening letter to the council, filled with unsubstantiated claims. In contrast, over 800 people from the pro-life community flooded the city council with messages, urging them to support this ordinance.

At the meeting on Oct. 12th, the council motioned to postpone the vote and “table” the ordinance in response to the Attorney General’s request for time to review the ordinance. That review never came but legal support did.

The Human Dignity Ordinance passed with 3-2 FOR the “human dignity” ordinance on Tuesday, December 14th at 7pm.

Delaware’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the City of Seaford.

Prevailing against media forces and abortion activists, the residents of Seaford voted to reinstate Mayor Genshaw and Councilman MacCoy in April.

The Dignity Ordinance was heard in Chancery Court on Thursday, May 12th, 9:15am. Seaford ultimately lost the case, but over $30,000 was raised to cover the cost of the lawsuit.

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