What You Need to Know:

The following summary are bills we’ve highlighted that are specific to our focus, expertise, and interests, or made it to our watch list. To view the actual bill language or see who is sponsoring it, the bill title is linked for your convenience.  Green means we support the bill, red means we oppose it, and those with no official stance are simply in blue.

The bills are listed in numerical order. 

Bill statuses will either be listed as passed, signed, defeated, or expired. A bill that was defeated was voted down during session. A bill that expired was not voted down necessarily, but is now dead because the session is over.  

Critical Race Theory

As we examine these next bills, it’s important to think carefully through policies that claim to address “systemic inequities.”

To say that an inequity is “systemic” is to say that it is directly related to or caused by a particular system. However, we no longer live in the Jim Crow south where legitimate systemic racism actually existed. The “inequities” we see today are often the result of multiple factors, including personal choices.

Critical race theory offers no redemptive solutions and assumes that all inequities of minorities are automatically the result of racism, rather than carefully considering any and all factors. 

This assumption causes policy makers to miss the true root cause altogether.

Not everything needs to be looked at through the lens of race. For more on why CRT is dangerous, visit here.

Bill Status: EXPIRED

DE law currently allows for loan repayment for educators that teach in specific areas. 

SB99 repays loans of minority teachers simply for being a minority, regardless of where they actually teach. This bill is derived from and influenced by critical race theory.

It assumes that minority teachers are not in a financial position for loan repayment, and fails to consider that white teachers that may have not come from affluent backgrounds are also struggling with student loan debt. The original repayment language simply sought to provide a service to all educators within high needs areas and did not place any sharp focus on one ethnicity. That was where they should have stopped. But of course, they didn’t. 😒

Bill Status: PASSED

Maternal healthcare is the main subject of the policy this bill seeks to address. It requires that healthcare workers undergo “cultural competency training” to reduce “racial and ethnic disparities.”

Bill Status: PASSED

The purpose of HB 375 is to create a consortium that will “coordinate efforts to identify and remove systemic inequities that impact people of color in this State.”

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