“I remember thinking, after I had found out the truth, why was I not offered an ultrasound? … It made no sense to me … It’s not informed consent, it’s not giving a patient everything they have a right to know.” Leslie Dean, registered nurse and author

Senate Bill 317 protects a mother’s right to see her ultrasound when she is deciding whether to have an abortion. SB 317 does not force a woman to see the ultrasound; it prevents abortion clinics from intentionally hiding it. 

The Senate Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee will hear this bill on Tuesday, June 18th, at 11am.

Use the talking points below to contact your legislator in <5 min.

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Talking Points:

Please vote YES on SB 317!

  • Many of you have agreed this session that women who are pregnant should know all of the information available to them when making a decision about abortion. It would be hypocritical for you to claim that and vote against SB 317.
  • What would be the motivation for voting against SB 317? What reason would there be to not protect a woman’s right to have all of the information available presented to her when considering an abortion, if she so chooses? 
  • SB 317 is not forcing anything on women; it is simply ensuring that women are fully informed of the option to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat, and to use that option if she chooses.

It only makes sense to support a woman’s right to know. Please vote yes on SB 317.

More About SB 317

Read the bill and see the bill sponsors here.

Senate Bill 317, Senator Bryant Richardson’s ultrasound bill, protects a woman’s right to be fully informed when considering an abortion.

SB 317 requires healthcare providers to offer women the option of seeing their ultrasound and hearing their baby’s heartbeat before having an abortion.

Just this month, Senators falsely accused pregnancy centers of not fully informing women of  “all of their options” regarding their preborn babies, when our DE pregnancy centers do in fact give complete and accurate information about pregnancy, abortion, and adoption.

If our Senators truly care about making sure that women are fully informed, then they should have no problem with supporting SB 317. 

SB 317 will be heard in the Senate Legislative and Oversight Committee on June 18th at 11am.

Listen to the Senate Hearing Here.


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