Killing is not healthcare

Incentivized to take life — changing the ethos of medical care in Delaware 

This Wednesday, June 12th, two bills will be heard that will each give doctors the authority to take the lives of their patients.

Killing isn’t healthcare, but that’s the pure “double speak” rhetoric Democrat legislators use when they present these bills.

⚔️🤯 Consider the fundamental worldview behind these bills – the same legislators considering a law to increase government oversight of hospital budgets (HB350) are the same ones considering suicide death pills as an end of life option, AND taxpayer funded killing of babies. It’s a worldview that presents death as empowering,  compassionate, and even necessary.

Click the buttons below to ask your Senator today to vote NO on these two bills. It will only take five minutes.

1) HB 140 – Legalizing Assisted Suicide

Wednesday, June 12th, is the first time the State Senate will hear HB 140. For 8 years it had been denied in the House – that is, until this year. 

We urge you to listen to the Committee Hearing. Urge your Senator to debate this well and ask good questions. 

Click here to listen to the committee hearing at 2:30 PM on June 12th.

HB 140 would allow doctors to prescribe experimental lethal drugs to patients assumed to be terminally ill, for the purpose of ending their life

Click here to ask your Senator today to vote NO on legalized assisted suicide for Delaware! 

1. Suicide is not compassion!

Assisted suicide is NOT the same as palliative care. Palliative care is intended to alleviate pain and make the patient comfortable. The intent is not to kill, but to fulfill the medical duty to protect life.

Assisted suicide is not simply alleviating pain; it is causing certain death. This is not compassion – it’s assisting in suicide.

Suicide is not healthcare. Our medical system should focus on aid in living – not aid in dying.

2. There will always be potential for fraud.

Coercion and corruption cannot be legislated away – it will exist when it becomes cheaper to kill than to care. And in the other countries and states where assisted suicide has been legalized, the original “safeguards” have been gradually eroded.

There is a reason why no disability groups in Delaware support assisted suicide.

3. The lethal pills can be sent through mail!

How irresponsible is that!? What happens if the pills get lost in the mail, or end up in the hands of a family member instead of the patient who requested them? What happens if the patient doesn’t use the pills after all, but also does not dispose of them properly?

Listen to this testimony from the House hearing in 2023 for HB 140:

2) HB 110 – Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Senators will also hear HB 110, the taxpayer funded abortion bill, on June 12th.

Click here to ask your Senator today to vote NO on taxpayer funded abortion!

Read our synopsis here. Then plan to listen to the committee hearing on Wednesday. Listen for the euphemisms that mask the reality that our legislators are proposing to fund the killing of our preborn children. Listen for the push to kill the babies specifically in minority and low-income communities – a fulfillment of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist goals.

Taxpayer funded abortion (HB 110) committee hearing: 10:00 AM – click here

When the culture embraces death, it hurts the very people it claims to help.

The experimental death pills used for assisted suicide provide anything but a “peaceful death.” As doctor Neil Kaye said, 1/3 of the people who take the death pills take 30 hours to die.

Abortion pills and surgeries not only kill the baby; they harm the mother as well. But Delaware removed liability for abortionists, even in cases when the mother dies during an abortion.

Killing is never healthcare! The agenda of death destroys the ethos of the medical system and negatively affects us all.

Physicians heal, but the medical system is about money. 

It is cheaper to kill than to heal. Bills like HB 140 and HB110 incentivize the cheaper option. That’s the harsh reality. 

Listen to the June 12th Committee Hearings Here:

Taxpayer Funded Abortion, 10:00 AM

Assisted Suicide, 2:30 PM

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