Pandemic vs. Constitution

Does a Pandemic Override the Constitution?” 

No, it doesn’t. But, that’s what happened in 2020 when Gov. Carney denied pastors on 29 separate occasions their absolute religious freedoms.

Does the Governor have the authority to override the Constitution and shut down churches?

We hope you each will watch and listen to Attorney Stephen Neuberger’s presentation in the Hines & Landow v. Carney case argued on Wednesday, May 22nd, before the Delaware Supreme Court. 

Will Delaware’s Supreme Court Justices rule in favor of the Delaware Constitution? A decision is expected in about 3 months.

Oral Arguments

When the US and Delaware Constitutions were ratified, they included a religious protection clause that was intended to protect the sanctity of worship in this country. Our Founders understood that the church was vital to the flourishing of society.

“Religious worship in churches holds a special place in our constitutional system.” – Stephen Neuberger

The American church has taken that for granted for far too long. Covid was a wake-up call – it exposed the fact that this cultural respect for the church is quickly eroding.

While restaurants, casinos, and Planned Parenthood remained open, Governor Carney imposed restrictions on churches – restrictions so specific that they regulated practices like baptisms and communion.

“A public official never has discretion to violate the document that they took a public oath to uphold, because oaths matter. Our constitution matters.” – Stephen Neuberger

Mr. Neuberger defended pastors Landow and Hines to hopefully ensure that churches will not be restricted like this again in the future.

“At the end of the day, the Emergency Management Statute is a statute … enacted by the Delaware General Assembly. It does not trump the Delaware Constitution. The first sentence of the Delaware Constitution says the governor has no power to affect religious worship within the four walls of the church, liberty of conscience, all those things. No power.” – Stephen Neuberger 

The courtroom was filled with pastors and legislators who showed up in support. Outside on the green, people gathered in prayer over the proceedings.

Thank you to these individuals for their participation in this lawsuit: (from left to right) – Esq. Tom Neuberger, Pastor Alan Hines, Esq. Steve Neuberger, Pastor David Landow, Julianne Murray (RNC Chair representing the legislators who filed an amicus brief to the court), and Tom Crumpler.

The church is essential – it is the conscience to the culture. That’s why we cannot remain silent. To be silent is to be irrelevant. If we do not steward well the freedom that was paid for in blood and sacrifice, we should expect more persecution to come.

We are grateful for the attorneys, legislators, and pastors who recognized that the church’s freedom to operate without government interference is a fundamental right worth defending.

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