Where does it end?

House Bill 275, the bill to add pansexuality and asexuality as protected classes in Delaware Code, passed the Senate committee on May 22nd. It is now only two steps away from becoming law.

Listen to the committee hearing here – start at 10:16:00

HB 275 demonstrates a valuable lesson of the impact of following a decades long agenda aimed at abolishing God’s design for human flourishing, with the goal of elevating one’s own self-realization as the author of what is true and moral.

Is it any wonder how chaos and confusion abound, as reflected in the present mental health epidemic?

Almost a decade ago our state began discussing the legalization of same-sex unions. We warned, in spite of the accusations of “fear mongering” and “overreacting,” that it would not stop there – that was never the ultimate goal.

We warned, like so many across the nation that the complete redefining of marriage, which culminated in the 2015 Supreme Court decision, would result in redefining gender. Within a year, transgenderism was added as a protected class in Delaware law.

Almost a decade after those first discussions, in 2022, Delaware’s legislature removed the words “sincere,” “consistent,” and “uniform assertion” from the definition of sexual orientation and gender identity, meaning that a person can be “fluid,” changing their identity at a whim, (HB 224), resulting in the complete redefinition of sex and gender.

And here we are today – our legislators are only two steps away from adding “asexuality” and “pansexuality” as protected classes in Delaware Code.

Two Senators, Bryant Richardson (R) and Eric Buckson (R) and individuals who testified during the hearing, repeatedly asked the question, “Where does it end?

The phrase “minor attracted persons” as a sexual orientation is now openly being discussed in academia and media. 

In the Hearing for HB275 (which we recommend everyone should listen to), Senator Sturgeon (D) assured the committee that the laws won’t change regarding “age of consent” and pedophilia.

Really? We should know better by now.

When the sure foundation of Scripture is abandoned, anything goes – anything can be redefined when it isn’t anchored in truth. 

Scripture provides for us God’s design for human flourishing. 

It is time for the church to remember its role as the voice of conscience in our culture, to protect children, intentionally teach and prepare the rising generation to understand and embrace the beauty of God’s design for human sexuality, and boldly stand for and never abandon the strength and purpose of biblical marriage.

The church’s role today is the same as it has always been – to proclaim the truth of Scripture to a lost and dying world.

Watch this video by Live Action to learn how the church was responsible for the greatest sexual revolution in history.

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