Pregnancy Centers Targeted

If there were any doubts before about the intentions behind SB 300, the bill that singles out Pregnancy Care Centers (PCCs) and dictates their signage, the committee hearing made the intentions abundantly clear.

Delaware’s pregnancy care center directors stepped out of their comfort zone to testify in defense of the women and families they serve. Their testimonies seemed to catch the bill sponsor off guard, as they spoke to the quality medical services that they do offer, contrary to the picture painted by Senator Sturgeon’s comments which exposed the real intent of this bill. 

      “Frankly, I’ll say what you [Sen. Gay, the bill sponsor] were too polite to say – crisis pregnancy centers have been shown to be misleading, and I can’t imagine…walking into a center like that assuming I’m going to get all the options put before me in an unbiased fashion, especially when choosing to terminate a pregnancy is completely legal and in my opinion – and I know yours –completely safe, under the right circumstances, and then finding myself being led down a path of trying to be talked out of one of the options that should be available to me.

I’m very concerned about the misleading nature of these types of centers, and this bill seeks to rectify that in a very fair way to make sure that people entering the centers know that indeed there are no – if that’s the case – true healthcare professionals or providers there that are going to be able to offer them every available option.” Senator Sturgeon, 11:57:30

Let’s not be naive – SB 300 is not a simple regulation

The abortion industry, not pregnancy centers, should be under scrutiny for misleading practices!

Truth was advanced in each testimony given by the PCC directors, Delaware Right to Life, Americans United For Life, and others. You’ll hear it in the recording. 

SB 300 was passed out of Committee and is on the ready list to move to the Senate floor for a vote. The bill is unconstitutional based on the Supreme Court’s decision in NIFLA v. Becerra (2018). We stand ready to help our PCCs challenge it if it becomes a law.

Listen to the entire committee hearing here.

The committee hearing demonstrated that bills like SB 300 are the result of a worldview that rejects the inherent value of life. There can be no compromise; either we respect life as inherently valuable, or we allow the state to decide who gets to live or die at whim.

This is why it is important, now more than ever, for us to get behind our pregnancy care centers. We must advance the value of life in a culture that has an insatiable appetite for the deaths of our preborn citizens. Here are ways you can do that today:

  1. Here’s a challenge for you – are the congregants in your church fully informed about what God’s Word says about the value of all human life? How can you work toward that goal today?
  2. Does your church support your local pregnancy care center financially? Find out if you can participate in your pregnancy center’s baby bottle campaign, add them to your missions budget, attend their fundraising events.
  3. Can you volunteer for your local pregnancy center? PCCs need nurses, client advocates, administrators, board members, and other roles to be filled. Is there a role that you can fill?
  4. Our pregnancy care center directors testified in opposition to HB 300 after short notice and stressful, sleepless nights, and the battle is not over. Would you commit to keeping the directors in your prayers? They are on the front lines of rescuing the preborn in our state, and they need our support.


To take action on SB 300 as it is on schedule to be sent to the Senate floor, click here.

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