In partnership with Patriot Academy

Invest in Delaware Leadership Congress

...where courage is cultivated.

Your gift today allows us to host the Delaware Leadership Congress, a high-quality training for young aspiring leaders, ages 16-25.

In Partnership with Patriot Academy


...where courage is cultivated

Your gift today allows us to host the Delaware Leadership Congress, a high-quality training for young aspiring leaders, ages 16-25.

THE Work we do – together

One person - well equipped and strategically placed - will take territory.

It takes intentionality to invest in future leaders, to train them how to stand on the truth with conviction, and to call them to lead with courage and integrity.

Using the legislative process as a backdrop, this three-day training program equips young people to lead in any arena.

The 2024 Academy is scheduled for July 10-12. Consider investing in Delaware Leadership Congress today with your tax-deductible gift.

Equipped to lead

Want to join as a student?

If you’re a Christ follower between the ages of 16-25 and you want to influence your generation to stand with courage for their faith, family, and freedom, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Register today to join other like-minded young influencers as you learn together to lead with courage and conviction.

Featured Alumni

After a decade of cultivating young people, Delaware Leadership Congress Alumni are taking places of influence in their community.

7 year Alum Shawn McCullough served as DLC's first Delaware-elected Governor from 2018-2019, and a speaker at the DFPC Leaders Summit. Shawn works for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) while he pursues his law degree at Regent University. Shawn is now married and a new dad to his son Callum.

Jake Rebsamen, 3 year DLC Alum and Lee graduate, presented a challenging message this month to over a hundred highschool students and faculty about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

2022 DLC Governor Elias Gonzalez was elected to West Virginia Legislature, making him one of the youngest Delegates in West Virginia history.

Four years after writing a bill about protecting frozen embryos from destruction for the 2019 DLC legislative session, Ruth Houser went on write her thesis for her M.A. in Ethics, Theology, and Culture on the ethics of embryo adoption.

Your financial support helps us reach more young Christ-followers who want to stand with courage to influence their generation, and provide the best training opportunity in the country in assimilating young adults in the legislative process and practicing the courage it takes to influence in any arena. Give toward Delaware Leadership Congress here.
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